The Bells of Old Bailey Church Bell Change

Come and join us at the Holy Sepulchre London to hear Wren’s Bells of Old Bailey

Made famous as ‘the Bells of Old Bailey’ (which is across the road) in the nursery rhyme, ‘Oranges and Lemons’, Holy Sepulchre’s 150-foot-high bell tower, containing a ring of 12 bells, is one of the most significant in the country.

The bells will be rung by The Ancient Society of College Youths, in their first ever Bell Change Ringing Concert.

You can watch a live view broadcast in the main church of the bell ringing room and the bells themselves during the event!

During the event you will learn more about the Ancient Society of College Youths and the tradition of bell ringing, including its early history.

A drinks reception will follow the event.

Ancient Society of Youths

Assistance with the raising of funds and voluntary labour for the restoration was provided by the Ancient Society of College Youths, a premier change ringing society in the City of London, which now calls Holy Sepulchre one of its home towers. Founded in 1637, the Society has a national and international membership that promotes excellence in ringing around the world.


18:30 – Welcome from the Church – Revd Nick Mottershead

18:35 – Welcome from the ASCY, Background to the ASCY, and What is bell ringing?

18:45 – Ringing a single bell.

18:50 – What is method ringing?

19:00 – Plain Hunt on 7

19:05 – The early history of bell ringing, Early bell ringing at Holy Sepulchre, and The disputed first ever peal in 1690

19:15 – Plain Bob Triples

19:20 – Developments in bell ringing in the 18th century, “Falseness” and the first ever peal of Treble Bob Royal in 1741

19:30 – Oxford Treble Bob Royal

19:40 – Interval

20:00 – Belfry reform and the Oxford Movement in the 19th century and Pre-WW1 ringing

20:10 – Stedman Caters

20:20 – The interwar years, The silence of the bells and the rehanging and augmentation to 12 bells in 1984

20:30 – Bristol Surprise Maximus

20:40 – Recent developments in bell ringing and Holy Sepulchre as the home of cyclic compositions.

20:50 – 284 3-Spliced Maximus

21:00 – Conclusion and thanks

9th November 2023

18:30 - 21:00

Holy Sepulchre London
Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2DQ


Special Event

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