St Michael Paternoster

College Hill


St Michael Paternoster was founded by Dick Whittington who was 4 times Lord Mayor of London. Whittington rebuilt St Michael’s as a collegiate church, administered by a college of priests, known as Whittington College (hence College Hill). The church is dedicated to Saint Michael as seen by the stain glass inside where the main window depicts Saint Michael defeating the Satan.

The church was destroyed in the Great Fire and was restored by Sir Christopher Wren. The spire was designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor. The church is also adorned with a chandelier dating back to 1644.

There is another fine stain-glass window depicting Dick Whittington and his cat. Whittington was buried here on his death although the tomb was lost.

On July 23rd, 1944, a V1 flying bomb destroyed most of the building. It was the last city churches to be rebuilt in the late 1960s. It was re-opened in 1968 by the Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh and became the headquarters to the Mission to Seafarers. The offices of the Bishop of London are based here.

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