Join us for a tercentenary celebration of Sir Christopher Wren (1632–1723) – mathematician, astronomer and one of the country’s most distinguished architects.

Sir Christopher Wren’s legacy looms large over the skyline of the City of London. Here in the Square Mile you can find the many churches he designed, including St Paul’s Cathedral.

This year marks the 300th anniversary of Wren’s death. Across Wren300 we celebrate his inspirational life, achievements and architecture. You can enjoy a packed programme of events, activities and projects throughout the Square Mile and beyond. Something for everyone.

Who was Wren?

Find our about the life and legacy of Britian's greatest architect.

St Paul’s Cathedral in London is Wren’s masterpiece of design; it took 35 years to build. Wren was Surveyor-general to six English monarchs. His most famous buildings are at the centre of national life and ceremonials – they include Royal palaces, the Royal Hospital, Chelsea and 52 churches built after the great fire of London in 1666.

What's on next?

Come and Sing Christmas Carols

2nd November 2023 - 6th December 2023


St Mary Aldermary,

Come and Sing Christmas Carols with the Square Mile Community Choir Directed by Jocelyn Freeman

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City Full of People Exhibition

10th November 2023 - 31st January 2024

All Day

Across various City Churches

A City Full of People has been an exciting volunteer based project running through 2023 as part of Wren300. It is on display across four City churches from Friday 10th November. Each church has different panels from the exhibition. 

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Fire in the City Guided Walk by Tony Tucker

5th December 2023


Ludgate Hill

Walking Tour visiting the Firefighters’ Memorial and a range of Wren’s churches, this walk will focus on the Blitz, and the firefighters who fought to save the City.

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Twelve days, hundreds of singers, nine City churches

A spectacular celebration of community singing and Wren’s historic architecture.


Get Involved

Volunteer with us

From photography and research, to conservation work and school education visits, you can play a part.


Firefighter Artists Exhibition

London’s Fire Service and The City during WWII

Among the firefighters who fought to save St Pauls & The City Churches during the Blitz was a remarkable group of artists.


A City Full of People

Volunteer Researchers

Delving into archives and records to uncover the lost voices of Wren’s London.




Primary Schools Visits

There is so much to learn from Sir Christopher Wren’s life and work. More than any other, this national figure shaped the city of London we see to today.


The Dastardly Triple Dome

Awe-inspiring, remarkable... iconic

100 young engineers challenged to recreate Wren’s dome of St Paul’s Cathedral in a day.


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