Wren, Rebuilding and the Great Fire of London

Over four nights 17th-century London burned. The city would never be the same again… 

Wren, Rebuilding and The Great Fire of London will be a day of inspirational learning for your class, involving students in hands-on activities, story-telling, visits and a guided walk, helping them to experience their city with new eyes and new skills.

Children will explore the Great Fire – one of the most significant events in the history of their city. As budding architectural detectives, they will learn about Wren’s great re-building of London out of the smouldering ruins, and importantly consider what his impact is on their locality and cityscape today.

With two different options and walks on offer, they will step into Wren’s shoes, as they see the streets he walked, understand his genius as both scientist and architect, and discover his phenomenal achievements and 17th-century churches, buildings and monuments.

Learning Objectives

  • To have fun, inspire curiosity, develop observational skills, ask and answer questions.
  • To develop understanding of significance as a historical concept.
  • To improve chronological understanding and concept of cause and consequence.
  • To use investigative methods of historical and scientific enquiry.
  • To appreciate that Maths, Art and Science are interrelated and that Wren’s expertise and creativity across disciplines are what created great architecture.

What your class will enjoy

  • An experienced education facilitator and guide
  • Delivering a structured, inspiring full-day programme of
  • Skills building, story-telling, guided walk and hands-on activities
  • And immersive, first-hand access to London’s amazing built heritage.

Session Options

There are two different sessions available for your class:

Session Information

Sessions are available Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 10am to 2pm. We offer sessions to just two groups per day – either from one school or two different schools. Maximum of 30 per group.

  • Mondays & Fridays our Temple Bar route from 11 September – 4 November 2023 will visit St Martin Ludgate and Temple Bar
  • Mondays & Fridays our Temple Bar route in 6 November 2023 will visit St Vedast-Alias-Foster and Temple Bar
  • Wednesdays our Pudding Lane route will visit St Margaret Pattens and St Magnus the Martyr

For timetable information and to check possible dates for your visit take a look at our Availability Guide.

Locations and Facilities

Sessions are based at two locations in the City of London (one square-mile, packed full of built heritage, history and stories).

On Mondays and Fridays at Temple Bar Trust (Paternoster Square next to St Paul’s Cathedral) and St Vedast-Alias-Foster.

On Wednesdays our Pudding Lane & Monument sessions will be based at one of Wren’s City churches: St Margaret Pattens, St Magnus the Martyr, or All Hallows by the Tower.

All our locations have access to toilets, bag storage and space for children to sit down and have lunch.

Get in touch

Please email Education Officer at education.wren300@london.anglican.org  or call 020 3837 5055 if you have any questions.

Pudding Lane and The Monument

Walk the streets where the Great Fire raged, hear about its spread and the destruction of London, and how it enabled Wren to transform the City. We will visit Wren’s buildings, dress up and enact firefighting, and even explore the Monument.

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Temple Bar & St Paul’s

Learn about Wren and the Great Fire. Visit Wren’s buildings, experiment with the scientific instruments he used and design your own towers with quill pens and building blocks. We will even visit a secret roof terrace for a fabulous view of the skyline of London.

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