St Andrew by the Wardrobe

St Andrew's Hill
Queen Victoria St


St Andrew by the-Wardrobe was the last city church rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren after the Great Fire of London in 1695.

The church’s history goes back to the 13th century when it was part of Castle Baynard and is located close to St Paul’s Cathedral. The church gained its unusual name after King Edward III moved his Royal Wardrobe near to the church from the Tower of London, to be closer to St Pauls Cathedral. The Wardrobe and building were demolished during the Great Fire of London.

Notable members who were regular visitors here, were William Shakespeare and John Downland. Memorials to both can be seen at the church.

The church was damaged during the Blitz but restored with materials from multiple Wren Churches including ones that had been demolished, allowing Wren’s work to live on through St Andrews. Items of interest include the west stained-glass window, showing the conversion of St Paul.

The church today has been recently refurbished. St Andrew’s is officially designated as the Ward Church for the Ward of Castle Baynard and is also the spiritual focus for many businesses, institutions, and individuals both within the parish and beyond.

St Andrew by the Wardrobe is one of Wrens simplest designs, but like all the Square Mile Churches, it serves the city and embraces its history.

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