Take a journey of discovery and see the City through new eyes.

Follow one of our expert-designed, self-guided tours across the Square Mile and its Churches.

Four City Churches

A guided walk around four churches, with an introduction, directions and information to accompany the walk.

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Recovery & Renewal

Come on a streamlined ‘Oranges & Lemons’ City walk with resounding echoes celebrating centuries of recovery and renewal. City of London Guide and writer Lester Hillman, who has spent decades leading bell-related initiatives, offers new takes on the famous rhyme, making it ring true for the 21st Century.

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The Pheonix Walk: The City of London Rises

Be it plague, fire, or pandemics, the Blitz, Big Bang or Brexit, the old financial quarter picks itself up, shakes its skirts and keeps carrying on. This walk across the Square Mile is a tribute to the City’s remarkable capacity for survival and reinvention.

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