St Botolph without Bishopgate



St Botolph’s has historical links that suggest worship took place from the Roman Era, however the church was first mentioned in 1212.

The church survived the Great Fire of 1666 but was rebuilt between 1725-1729 when they found the foundations of the original Saxon Church. It was built to the designs of James Gould, under the supervision of George Dance.

The founder of Dulwich College, Edward Alleyn, was baptised here in 1566 and the poet John Keats in 1795.

St Botolph’s was one of the first to convert their churchyard into a garden. The area is described as tranquil. Adjoining is a netball and tennis court. Close to the garden’s Bishopsgate entrance is a memorial cross. This is believed to be the first memorial of the Great War to be placed in England, erected in 1916 following the Battle of Jutland and the death of Lord Kitchener.

St Botolph has a wealth of history and sights to explore. It is a great place to rest and reflect.

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