St Giles Cripplegate

Fore St


St Giles’ is one of the only medieval churches still standing in London and has been a part of the city for 1000 years. Residents in the area can trace their family history back 400 years from the registers at this church.

The building has been damaged by fire on three occasions, but the building remains today and even survived the Great Fire. The site was significantly damaged during the Air Raids in the 1940 but was restored in the 1950s using the plans from 1545.

It is near Cripplegate which was one of the gates in the old City Wall. The name Cripplegate likely from the Anglo-Saxon word for covered way or tunnel.

The church possesses many historical treasures, including wine cups from the 17th century and a pepper pot dating back to the reign of George IV.

This parish has seen many famous historical people, such as Oliver Cromwell who married here and William Shakespeare who attended services here.

St Giles’ is a landmark in the area and remains popular for local people. It has historical relevance and remains a great example of medieval architecture. It has a very detailed history on its website.

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