St Helen’s Bishopgate

Great St Helen's


St Helen’s is the largest parish church in the City of London and has been standing since 1210. It is built in the gothic style and has the parish church and a nunnery connected. The church survived both the Great Fire and the Blitz leaving much of the original building standing today. The building sustained damage from two attacks by the IRA. The repairs gave an opportunity for the church building to become a more usable space, becoming more open and lighter than before, but retaining all its ancient grandeur. This has allowed for a new gallery and replacing the organ back in its original 18th century position.

William Shakespeare attended this church while living in the area. Many famous people are buried here, including William Pickering, Queen Elizabeth I’s Ambassador and Sir John Spencer, Lord Mayor of London.

The church has been a popular place for worship and continues to be so. It is described as a building from a bygone time.

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