St Katharine Cree

86 Leadenhall St


St Katherine Cree is a Guild Church in the heart of London and has stood since 1280. The church was founded by the wife of Henry I of England. The word ‘Cree’ derives from ‘Christchurch.’

The church survived the Great Fire and is a rare example of a Jacobean church, rebuilt during the reign of Charles I, a time when church building was very rare, its Tudor tower remains. The interior has a very fine rose window that dates to the 17th century, thought to be a model of the larger rose window of the old St Pauls cathedral. The building today has a mix of styling from Tudor to Renaissance and includes the Corinthian Columns inside and Tudor brick on the outside.

The site escaped the Great Fire and suffered minor damage during the First and Second World War meaning much of the original 17th century architecture survives.

St Katherine remains the Guild Church for Workers in the heart of the City of London today.

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10 curiously named churches of London – 6. St Katharine Cree

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