St Nicholas Cole Abbey Centre for Workplace Ministry

114 Queen Victoria St


St Nicholas Cole is dedicated to the 4th century St Nicholas of Myra. The name “Cole Abbey” is derived from “Coldharbour”, a medieval word for a traveller’s shelter or shelter from the cold. The church was never an abbey.

Recorded from the twelfth century, the church was destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666 and rebuilt by the office of Sir Christopher Wren. The church suffered substantial bomb damage from German bombs during the London Blitz in the Second World War and was reconstructed by Arthur Bailey in 1961–1962.

Today the church is the Centre for Church Ministry and has opened a café called The Wren where you can have lunch Monday to Friday. The church also holds primary service midweek as well St Nick’s talks which takes place every Thursday at 1:05pm.

The building has also been used in tv series such as The Lavender Hill and Doctor Who.

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