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Thomas Ingham of St Vedast

Thomas Ingham

(d. 1674)



St Vedast

Researched by Nicky Scowen

Thomas Ingham was a Master in the Clothworkers’ Guild, and a weaver by trade. He married Frances Bartlett in September 1644 in St Alphage, London Wall, and they had five children. One was stillborn and only one survived into adulthood.

Frances died in 1665 and was buried in St Vedast’s. Thomas married again the same year to Elizabeth Deare from the neighbouring district of St Michael Basingshaw. They had a daughter, Elizabeth, born in 1666, the year of the Great Fire.

It appears that Thomas was widowed again as there is a subsequent marriage in 1673 to Jane Wright, a widow, in St Vedast’s.

Unfortunately, Thomas died of consumption in 1674, leaving his estate to his wife Jane and his daughter Elizabeth.

Weaving and Loom (Plate IV), by Denis Diderot, 1762 - MIA


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