Wren’s city churches filled with song in the Wrenathon, a celebration of community singing and Wren’s historic architecture.

Tuesday 13 – Sunday 24 June 2023

The Wrenathon Featured choirs from across the City of London and beyond, this 12-day festival took place across multiple churches associated with architect Christopher Wren, marking his tercentenary.

Culminating in the Wrenathon Vocal Marathon on Saturday 24th June 2023, audiences were taken on a musical journey throughout the city and experience the power of singing to transform spaces and bring people together.

“The Wrenathon celebrates the power music has to bring people together and represents the myriad of different singing communities across London and beyond. I am excited to present such a wide range of vocal music, sung by people from all walks of life, in the beautiful Wren churches of the Square Mile.”

Holly Hunter, Creative Producer

Wrenathon: Our City Sings

Tuesday 13 – Friday 23 June 2023

Celebrating the year-round singing throughout the City of London, Our City Sings foregrounds the choirs, Evensongs and recitals that are a part of our City life, bringing them together in celebration of Wren300.

Wrenathon: A Vocal Marathon

Saturday 24 June 2023

Not just an audible joy but a visual spectacle too: community choirs perform in the stunning architectural surroundings of the Square Mile Churches.

Erin Aniker is an illustrator known for her bold and colourful people-driven illustrations. She was invited to create a fresh and dynamic artwork that reflected the ethos of the Wrenathon festival.

Find out about the illustrator behind the Wrenathon artwork and her inspirations

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