All Hallows London Wall

83 London Wall


All Hallows London Wall was built in 1765 by George Dance the Younger who was only 24 years of age when he designed it. It was built on top of an earlier church, built around 1120 on the bastion of the Old Roman Wall. The Roman Wall can still be seen today in the Churchyard. Unlike many of the churches on the Square Mile, All Hallows survived the destruction from the Great Fire of London in 1666, but was in poor repair, which is why Dance built the new church in 1765. The church interior is quite unique for the churches in the Square Mile, with its bright white classical understated Italian design.

The interior holds some incredible examples of 18th century wood architecture. The church suffered minor damage during the Blitz but was restored and was again damaged by IRA bombs in 1993 and again repaired sympathetically, taking nothing away from its classical elegance.

Today the church acts as the headquarters of XLP Charity, which helps to create positive futures for young people in London. The church is often used to host XLP events and has received an annual visit from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in recent years.

There is so much to explore in this unique church, with its incredible vaulted ceiling, stunning chandeliers, and all sitting on top of the ancient Old Roman Wall.

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